2nd consortium meeting in Perugia, Italy



After the kick-off meeting in Girona, work has started to progress smoothly. The creation of raw materials is a fact; playful coding activities have been designed, developed and proposed by all the partners as part of the first task of the project.

Next step, the conversion of raw materials into draft products, is approaching and will be started during the 2nd consortium meeting. It is planned to start the 23rd and to finish the 24th of July in Perugia, Italy, hosted by our Italian partners Esebel Srl.

We will take the advantage to do a quick update of the project status and we will focus our attention in the development and improvement of the coding activities, which can be seen already on the www.playfulcoding.eu website.

Those activities will be upgraded as the project advances, taking into account the experience of the partners and external advisors with the objective of providing real, funny and educational coding activities ready to use for the community.

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More about Early Mastery project: www.playulcoding.eu