Training Events


A training event is a five day workshop in which playful coding activities will be carried out with the participation of the educational community (students & teachers).
Their objective is to bring added value to the overall project by testing the coding activities designed, as well as contributing to the achievement of the overall project goal:

–          To introduce the young learners to a field of experimentation;
–          To allow them to feel comfortable with coding;
–          To see coding as a way to express oneself and to master the digital world in which they live.

Two learning activities have been planned for:

The first, will take place in January 2016 in Le Creusot (University of Bourgougne). During this week, the coding activities which are being developed right now by the Early Mastery team will be implemented “in situ”. Some of the activities developed during these days will be part of the Teacher’s Guide. It will, therefore, be a key activity very significant for the project progress and testing.

The second learning activity will take place in Girona (University of Girona) in June 2016, it will be the culmination of all the work done during the two years of the project. All the programming activities developed during the project and displayed in the platform will be available to the community. Therefore it will be a week focused to disseminate the project to its highest extent and it will demonstrate how to apply, in an easy way, the coding activities proposed, working in a funny and amusing way.